Tesla receives ‘ok’ for direct sales in Maryland, also makes progress in China

It has been a busy week for Tesla Motors as the American company not only looks to improve sales in their home country, but also improve their standing in international markets.

The state of Maryland is the latest in the United States to allow Tesla Motors to sell cars through retail locations there after a bill was signed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to erase criminal record, as long as Tesla deals in electric or non-fossil fuel burning vehicles, according to a report from Forbes. A separate story from the Wall Street Journal reports, as of last week, that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission sent a letter to a state senator in Michigan to include a provision in an upcoming bill that would simulate what other states have done to allow Tesla to make direct sales there as well.

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The sales will be limited to four locations due to a cap placed by Maryland that is similar to what other states like Pennsylvania and Ohio have done through similar bills. Tesla’s vehicle offerings are currently meeting those required standards set in Maryland and other states that are allowing direct sales.

The victory in Maryland – as well as a recent overturn of a ban in New Jersey – is another for Tesla Motors, which has won the individual state-by-state battles to earn the right to sell directly, but there are still ongoing concerns by legislators in other states like Arizona, Michigan, Texas and West Virginia.

tesla autosOutside of the U.S., Tesla is making updates to their electric cars that will meet charging standards in China. Buyers in the Chinese market had previously had concerns as Tesla had incompatibility in the country’s charging infrastructure that is also being modified national standard for charging stations across the country – although there’s no specific timetable for when it will be complete.

A report from the Wall Street Journal also notes data from the research firm JL Warren Capital says that less than 2,500 cars from Tesla Motors were registered in China during a nine-month span starting in April 2014. Tesla officials will consider sales reaching or surpassing the mark of 5,000 vehicles in 2014 will be a success for the company as they hope to continue deliveries in China.