Factors That Determine The Cost Of Your Car Insurance Premium

Car insurance is a necessary requirement that you are required to always have. However, the fact that it is a legal requirement does not mean that you should always go for the most affordable option. You should remember that insurance is meant to protect you, your car and your loved ones from claims as well as repair costs. Therefore, the goal when shopping for the ideal option should be to find the right insurance, which is affordable for you. Some of the things that affect the cost of your insurance cover include:

Risk factors: You should always remember that is a matter of risk. The riskier you are deemed the costlier the cover will be. When quoting the premium, insurance companies use several factors as the measure of risk. Generally, the younger you are, the higher the premium. Men are also considered riskier than women as they are more likely to make an expensive claim. Another factor that affects the cost of your premium is the car you are driving. Costlier cars will attract higher premiums.

Reward programs: Most insurers have programs that seek to reward careful drivers. However, to qualify for the program, you must build up no claims discount. Some of the most rewarding programs can even offer a 75-percent discount if you manage to get up to five years without a claim. If you feel that your current insurer is not rewarding you competitively, you can transfer your credit to a different insurer and hence, the need to be always looking for a better option.

Type of insurance: The insurance you choose will also affect the premium. The minimum legal requirement is the third party insurance coverage that pays for the damages sustained by a third party, their property and their car. The third party insurance will not pay any repairs to your car. The other common type of vehicle insurance is the third party and theft car insurance. In addition to the third party cover, the insurance covers your car in case it is destroyed by fire or stolen. The other type is the fully comprehensive cover that offers extra cover.


When choosing the best cover, it is important to compare what different insurance policies cover as well as their price. What is a standard cover in one insurance company may not necessarily be what is offered by another company. If you are looking to save money, you should avoid the extra options that do not need as they can tremendously increase the cost of your cover.

How Self-driving Cars Will Transform The World

While it’s easy to take automobiles for granted today, very few people actually realize how much they changed the world. To say the least, cars created mobility on a scale that hadn’t been witnessed before the dawn of the 20th Century. As gaps between geographical communities started to diminish, social and living habits changed tremendously. And with driverless vehicles now nearing the live phase, it’s safe to say that modern society is in for another dramatic transformation.


The Time is right

More and more car Winnipeg Cadillac manufacturers are now showcasing their autonomous automobile technology, with some aiming to incorporate the functionality into upcoming models. While not much about these technologies has shifted from what one could see at the demos of the early 2000s, a lot has actually changed beneath the surface. In fact, industry experts state that fully autonomous cars could hit the market by 2020.

Why So Soon?

Although skeptics will claim that many obstacles currently stand in the way of driverless cars, mass adoption will kick off sooner than most people think. This is mostly due to the lack of capital costs. With other revolutionary technologies, adoption tends to be slow, since the majority of consumers take time to get to a purchase point. In future, however, there will be very little incentive to actually own a vehicle. This is because driverless cars have the potential to improve transportation in many ways, such as:

-Enhanced road safety: It’s been estimated that over 50% of all car crashes are caused by human error. Self-driving automobiles have the potential to eliminate this factor completely, as long as they’re properly equipped.

-Better mobility for everyone: Individuals who can’t drive are often forced to rely on public transportation, which can be quite unreliable. With autonomous cars, everyone (think young children, disabled individuals, or those who can’t drive for any reason) will enjoy the benefits of improved mobility.

-More free time for motorists: With your car taking care of the driving, you’ll be free to make the most of the time you spend travelling. Furthermore, traffic congestion will be eliminated when driverless cars become the norm, which means it will take people less time to travel.

-Motoring will become more sustainable: Since driverless cars are designed to optimize efficiency when in motion, they will boost fuel efficiency and cut down on carbon emissions by a significant margin.

Like with everything else, there’s a handful of pros and cons of self-driving cars. So despite the wealth of opportunities they present, autonomous vehicles have a few drawbacks, including:

-The potential to be hacked: Electronic devices are vulnerable to attacks from hackers, and driverless cars are no different. And should such a vehicle be hacked, passengers won’t have much of a chance to correct any errors.

-They rely on sensors: Sensors placed all around the car are what feed the central control unit with vital data. So what happens when one or more sensors breaks down? Does the car proceed with the journey, or will the passengers have to find an alternative?

Still, experts believe that most of these concerns will be eliminated with better analysis and experience. And as vehicle manufacturers continue to perfect their creations, the rest of the world needs to get ready. As such, local and national authorities will have to overhaul existing infrastructure to make it friendlier towards self-driving cars.

Advice On Choosing Reliable Car Dealers Abbotsford

These days, cars have become a necessity. Whether you wish to commute to your work place or move to a particular destination for other reasons, having a car is a better option to congested and over populated public transports. However, buying a car requires immense investment. If you lack necessary funds, you need someone who could help you with car financing. This is where car dealers Abbotsford come into the picture to help out.

How to choose the right car dealer

There are literally hundreds of car dealers in any given area. While this gives you a wide choice, it makes your selection really difficult. You just can’t count on all dealers when looking for car financing. You ought to be selective and depend on a reliable car dealer to buy your preferred car with the best financing option.

To start with, enlist the names of car dealers Abbotsford in and around your local area. Your friends, references, relatives and buddies could come in handy in this matter. People who have information about dependable dealers will definitely give you details of reliable car dealerships. You can also count on your trusted neighbors when looking for vehicle dealers. Since people in your touch and acquaintances tend to be trustworthy, you can easily make a list of reputable dealers through their recommendations when planning to buy a car.

Internet is another handy source of searching and finding vehicle dealers in your area. Just hit the World Wide Web using appropriate search terms, and you will be able to find numerous dealers for buying your favorite car with diverse financing options. Jot down the names of reputed dealers on a paper.

After enlisting reputable car dealers, scan online review sites. A lot of car buyers post their views and feedback about working with a particular dealer. You get a fantastic opportunity to read real time reviews and feedback about car dealers mentioned in your check list. In line reviews and ratings, trim down your list to a few dealers that are highly applauded for better service and competitive financing options.

Now assess the models of cars, finance options and support offered by each dealer in great detail. Read the terms of all car dealers Abbotsford and clarify possible doubts and queries. After checking multiple dealers, settle with the best one that provides top of the line car matching your specifics with an ideal financing plan.

GM recalls 522,000 Malibus, pickups

gm trucks recalledGeneral Motors is making sure that they don’t let potential safety hazards get out of hand, especially in the wake of the safety crisis from 2014. Therefore, expect the organization to play it ‘better safe than sorry’ when it comes to the safety of drivers in the U.S. and other countries.

GM has issued a recall notice for about 469,000 Chevrolet Malibus with the model year 2011 and 2012 due to a weakened steel cable connected to seat belts that could break – the largest for GM so far this year. A majority of those cars were sold in the United States, while others are currently in Canada, Mexico and other nearby territories such as Cuba.

The cable has been known to wear down and separate over time due to passengers making a number of seat adjustments. So far, there have been 36 claims and one minor injury linked to the defect and, luckily, no major accidents or fatalities due to the defect.

Malibu owners have been informed that they can bring their cars to Chevrolet dealerships for a safety inspection and replacement work if it is necessary – both will be of no cost to the owner.

Another notice has also been issued for almost 53,000 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon pickups with the model year 2015 for safety issues with the seats and covers vehicles in both the U.S. and Canada – there is a portion of about 13,000 of the recalled pickups currently sitting on dealership lots.

As of now, there have not been any accidents or injuries related to the attachment hooks – which means that GM is hoping to remain proactive and not wait until there are any statistics because if those parts are not properly connected, the front of the seat may not remain secured if a crash does occur.

Dealers will complete inspections to see whether the seat frame attachment hooks of the trucks currently sitting in lots, need repair before being made available to the public.

It’s been a busy past few years for GM of as they had a record number of 27 million total vehicles recalled – many of them due to defective ignition switches that have been linked to about 100 deaths on the road.


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Tesla receives ‘ok’ for direct sales in Maryland, also makes progress in China

It has been a busy week for Tesla Motors as the American company not only looks to improve sales in their home country, but also improve their standing in international markets.

The state of Maryland is the latest in the United States to allow Tesla Motors to sell cars through retail locations there after a bill was signed by Maryland Governor Larry Hogan to erase criminal record, as long as Tesla deals in electric or non-fossil fuel burning vehicles, according to a report from Forbes. A separate story from the Wall Street Journal reports, as of last week, that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission sent a letter to a state senator in Michigan to include a provision in an upcoming bill that would simulate what other states have done to allow Tesla to make direct sales there as well.

tesla motors auto dealer

The sales will be limited to four locations due to a cap placed by Maryland that is similar to what other states like Pennsylvania and Ohio have done through similar bills. Tesla’s vehicle offerings are currently meeting those required standards set in Maryland and other states that are allowing direct sales.

The victory in Maryland – as well as a recent overturn of a ban in New Jersey – is another for Tesla Motors, which has won the individual state-by-state battles to earn the right to sell directly, but there are still ongoing concerns by legislators in other states like Arizona, Michigan, Texas and West Virginia.

tesla autosOutside of the U.S., Tesla is making updates to their electric cars that will meet charging standards in China. Buyers in the Chinese market had previously had concerns as Tesla had incompatibility in the country’s charging infrastructure that is also being modified national standard for charging stations across the country – although there’s no specific timetable for when it will be complete.

A report from the Wall Street Journal also notes data from the research firm JL Warren Capital says that less than 2,500 cars from Tesla Motors were registered in China during a nine-month span starting in April 2014. Tesla officials will consider sales reaching or surpassing the mark of 5,000 vehicles in 2014 will be a success for the company as they hope to continue deliveries in China.

Ford unveils new Mustang packages, a return to their roots

ford mustang carIt looks like the latest addition of the Ford Mustang will bring some classic charisma in addition to some newer packages and options for potential buyers (check out your nearest new and used Mazdas in Winnipeg to see if they have any in stock). And sometimes, going back to what has worked in the past can be the most exciting proposition to fans of a classic vehicle.

According to a report in the Detroit Free Press, the 2016 Mustang – which marks the second model year of the current edition since Ford introduced the car’s sixth incarnation for 2015 – will include two new packages this fall including a California Package and a Pony Package that feature two trim levels that pay homage to the classic look of the 1960s.

The Pony Package offers provides an upgrade with 19-inch polished aluminum wheels, a tri-bar logo that shows the classic Mustang logo on the grille, side stripes and a chrome window surround. The California Package offers drivers more features that include an aluminum dashboard finish, hood vents, ebony painted aluminum wheels and other touches.

For the newest version of the Mustang GT fastback, there will be a new Black Accent Package that provides specially painted black alloy wheels, a black deck-lid spoiler, dark trim and pony logos in black – which means this Mustang is “back in black.”

ford mustange concept car

Among the design options available for Ford fans include new wheels and a choice between white and silver racing stripes directly from the factory as part of allowing improved customization for each Mustang. Long-time enthusiasts of the classic car will also have a chance to see the return of hood vent-integrated turn signals that was standard on the Mustang GT model from 1994 to 2004.

Buyers of the new Mustang GT convertible, which has a manual transmission installed, can order a performance package for 2016 as well – includes a tuned chassis, revised suspension and other additional upgrades.

This could continue the excitement that some Mustang fans have expressed since Ford began to return to its roots, in a way, with the unveiling of the Mustang’s latest generation in December 2013 that brought back much of the classic touch but added improved quality and safety to earn five-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

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Humans at fault in self-driving car accidents

It seems that there is still a risk of human error when it comes to the potential release of self-driving vehicles – just not from the pilots of the developing pilot programs.

self driving vehicleSince September, the state of California has issued permits to various automotive companies which allows almost 50 self-driving cars to be road-tested. Four have been involved with accidents due to human error caused by other drivers being inattentive, according to a news report by the Los Angeles Times.

One of the accidents entailed a smart car waiting to make a left turn at a stoplight before it was hit by another vehicle that crossed a median and struck the smart car in October. Regardless, representatives of these self-driving car producers is aiming to create vehicles that improve safety on the road but the accidents, even though they are reportedly not caused by the self-driving machines themselves, is not good PR at the moment.

The project was first started by Google about six years ago, the company reports that there have been 11 minor incidents through a combination of nearly two millions driving done by the car itself and the driver – none of them are reportedly caused by the self-driving vehicles.

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The hope is that these numbers remain low if these self-driving vehicles are allowed to gain a full release to the public. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were more than 32,000 fatalities due to accidents over the course of three million total miles in the United States – which makes the accident numbers mentioned earlier seem much more likeable.

The Department of Motor Vehicles is making a push for the release of current and future records that relate to any and all accidents involving the self-driving vehicles. Maybe the project is leading to a possible solution to reducing traffic fatalities to a net zero goal that is the goal of several states, but the real concern regarding traffic deaths seems to go back to drivers not paying complete attention to the traffic patterns and roads ahead of them.

Nissan, Jeep earn top marks in IIHS test

The Nissan Murano received the coveted “top safety” honor – the second this year for Nissan – during the most recent round of small-overlap front crash testing hosted by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS), while the Jeep Wrangler (4-door) and the Ford Flex also received higher marks during their testing sessions as well.

vehicle safetyRatings are given in several categories that fall under four grades – good (green), acceptable (blue), marginal (yellow) and poor (red).

According to a report from Automotive News, the Murano scored “good” in all of the categories for the overall green grade – structure, restraints and kinematics and all dummy injury measures (head and neck, chest, hip and thigh and the lower leg and feet). Added with other IIHS measures, the Murano has earned a “Top Rating Pick+” rating, which is the highest the institute awards.

The Jeep Wrangler finished second overall with “good” for all categories except for restraints and kinematics – this includes the effectiveness of seatbelts for the driver and passengers – where they received an “acceptable” rating. But because of other substandard test results, the Wrangler did not receive the “top safety” honors that the Murano received, which requires “good” or “acceptable” ratings in all five crash-test scenarios through the IIHS.

The Ford Flex also received green for all dummy injury measures while receiving a blue mark for restraints and kinematics and a yellow for structure that gave the Ford an overall “acceptable” grade that were good enough to yield a Top Safety Pick, but without the “plus” designation that the Murano earned.

Four cars were unable to earn acceptable ratings, including the Dodge Journey that receives the lone overall red mark with poorly rated structure and only marginal marks for restraints and injury measures for hip and thigh and the lower legs and feet – at least your head, neck and chest will be fine though in this vehicle.

The Murano and Flex join a short list of midsize sports utility vehicles (SUVs) that have qualified for the “top safety” rating certified by the IIHS. The other include the Chevrolet Equinox, GMC Terrain, Kia Sorento, Nissan Pathfinder and Toyota Highlander.